poniedziałek, 9 maja 2011

Greatest commanders

I would like to switch the topic a bit and tell you about some good-to-know knowledge about one of the most amazing warfare officers. What do you may understand, I cannot write about every single of them, so I made little selection – I have selected natural ones, and those are known mainly by historic nerds.

Let’s start with Lin Piao wo was a Chinese Communist military officer and pretty good political leader. His distinguished army career and loyalty to the principles of Mao Tse-tung were the basis for his going up on second position in the Chinese Communist leadership. He was participating during an unsuccessful coup d'etat in 1971 and he died in same year in plane crash. And later called as traitor – good to know more about that case, if you know to know more mechanics which happen in communist parties.

Shaka (1787 - 1828), Shaka was the main creator of the placed in wild Africa Zulu nation. Shaka made just plenty of changes in the ancient techniques of fighting. First, he observed that hurling the light throwing assegai at an opponent who is far away is completely ineffective and has exact effect like throwing the weapon away. Shaka made the short, stout assegai, especially made for close fighting. He also made the shield into more offensive part inventory. And if you don’t know, what assegai is, is type of spear.

King of England who was a ruler between years 1189 to 1199, Richard was called also as "Lionheart" (in French, Coeur de Lion) for his fighting skills and fantastic bravery. It’s hard to find second person of that caliber. The son of battling spouses Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II, Richard became a king on 3 September 1189 after getting rid of his father with the support of his mother. He have took the part the Third Crusade in 1190, making campaigns in the Holy Land.

Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the totally fantastic military officers in world’s history. He has also been portrayed as a power hungry conqueror. Napoleon wasn’t saying that he is that type of conqueror. He argued that he desired to just make a vast federation of free peoples in a Europe united under a liberal government. But if this where was heading, he intended to gain his main objective by taking whole power into his own hands. He wasn’t that bad though.

Guderian was born on June 7, 1888 in Kulm, Prussia. His close-knit family had roots in the military, which isn’t a large surprise when looking on Guderian’s successes. He had a lot of ambitions and was charismatic type, as also determined and totally serious-minded. Hitler recognized Guderian's potential and made him high officer rather in short time. By November, 1938, he was called general of Panzer troops. Germany was preparing for a total war and Hitler ordered a strike on Poland in 1939. During that time Guderian had possibility to try out his theories in reality as he was commander of Panzer corps during the whole campaign.

Kurt Student (May 12, 1890-July 1, 1978) was a German Luftwaffe general who was battling as a fighter pilot during the First World War and as the officer of German Fallschirmjäger (parachute) soldiers while Second World War was ravaging. In 1943 Student was almost complete author of "Operation Oak" (Unternehmen Eiche), the marvelous and spectacular raid made by a greatly trained Luftwaffe unit (landing with gliders and STOL aircraft on a hilltop) in order to take out Benito Mussolini, Italian dictator, from jail where he was.