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Virtual warfare for everyone

Welcome again on my blog! Do you enjoy war themed gaming productions? End of Nations brings the Real-time Strategy and Massively Multiplayer Online games with each other to create outstanding gaming experience that is a magnificent leap for the real-time strategy genre. It takes place on an unprecedented scale, where your strategy on and off the battlefield can mean the really large difference between glorious victory and complete defeat. If you ask me, it’s one of the better games in which I had occasion to play for a quite a long time.

Strategy gamers will instantly and without any problem recognize numerous traditional RTS game play elements, such as moment-to-moment unit management, where proper knowledge about when to engage and utilize specific units can mean the difference between victory and defeat. End of Nations also features strategic unit choosing, which gives players the opportunity to really analyze and play to the strengths and weaknesses of their armies. Even more importantly, End of Nations features the hard-hitting, core RTS gameplay that RTS fans have come to know and love.

In the game, players can also see each other headquarters - they may as well exist in different spatial dimension - as this represents your commander's skills, abilities, experience and stuff in the MMO sense. It is here that officers will gather forces to deploy onto a battlefield. Most choices available here will be affected by the commander's experience during the battle, collected spoils of war, and the game's persistent economic model. Economy in End of Nations is really easy to understand – you will have to spend few hours in order to understand it completely. It’s worth mention, that for those who prefer a more hands-off approach to warfare, the game will feature a meta-game that allows commanders to control their invasion on the Order from a strategic map of the universe. The objective here is to make larger your borders at the demise of the Order, which will somehow contribute to your army's ability and experience. Though this mode looked really great, it was not the main concentration of Trion's showing, for reasons that should now be rather obvious.

End of Nations offers an in-depth Manufacturing and Trade Skills system. Raw materials can be collected from a plenty of different sources, including combat looting, various task, store fronts, and even other game participants. You have to watch out during the pillages though – you will likely provoke your friend that way. By gaining more advanced knowledge about different Trade Skills, players will be able to refine or combine raw materials into completed battlefield vehicles, special ammunition, repair kits, and many other valuable types of equipment for use in their armies or even for sale on the global market.

Well, you are able to try out this game whenever you wish to. I was lately looking for some interesting game so End of Nations is one of the wargames which I really wanted to play. It’s actually quite surprising, mainly because I am usually not playing in that type of games. Quite old and classic game called Commandos was pretty fun, mainly because of large part of tactic and strategy involved, but I was never the World War II type. Whatever if you like or not like that type of game, you can try it right here and right now. Choice is yours.

poniedziałek, 9 maja 2011

Greatest commanders

I would like to switch the topic a bit and tell you about some good-to-know knowledge about one of the most amazing warfare officers. What do you may understand, I cannot write about every single of them, so I made little selection – I have selected natural ones, and those are known mainly by historic nerds.

Let’s start with Lin Piao wo was a Chinese Communist military officer and pretty good political leader. His distinguished army career and loyalty to the principles of Mao Tse-tung were the basis for his going up on second position in the Chinese Communist leadership. He was participating during an unsuccessful coup d'etat in 1971 and he died in same year in plane crash. And later called as traitor – good to know more about that case, if you know to know more mechanics which happen in communist parties.

Shaka (1787 - 1828), Shaka was the main creator of the placed in wild Africa Zulu nation. Shaka made just plenty of changes in the ancient techniques of fighting. First, he observed that hurling the light throwing assegai at an opponent who is far away is completely ineffective and has exact effect like throwing the weapon away. Shaka made the short, stout assegai, especially made for close fighting. He also made the shield into more offensive part inventory. And if you don’t know, what assegai is, is type of spear.

King of England who was a ruler between years 1189 to 1199, Richard was called also as "Lionheart" (in French, Coeur de Lion) for his fighting skills and fantastic bravery. It’s hard to find second person of that caliber. The son of battling spouses Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II, Richard became a king on 3 September 1189 after getting rid of his father with the support of his mother. He have took the part the Third Crusade in 1190, making campaigns in the Holy Land.

Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the totally fantastic military officers in world’s history. He has also been portrayed as a power hungry conqueror. Napoleon wasn’t saying that he is that type of conqueror. He argued that he desired to just make a vast federation of free peoples in a Europe united under a liberal government. But if this where was heading, he intended to gain his main objective by taking whole power into his own hands. He wasn’t that bad though.

Guderian was born on June 7, 1888 in Kulm, Prussia. His close-knit family had roots in the military, which isn’t a large surprise when looking on Guderian’s successes. He had a lot of ambitions and was charismatic type, as also determined and totally serious-minded. Hitler recognized Guderian's potential and made him high officer rather in short time. By November, 1938, he was called general of Panzer troops. Germany was preparing for a total war and Hitler ordered a strike on Poland in 1939. During that time Guderian had possibility to try out his theories in reality as he was commander of Panzer corps during the whole campaign.

Kurt Student (May 12, 1890-July 1, 1978) was a German Luftwaffe general who was battling as a fighter pilot during the First World War and as the officer of German Fallschirmjäger (parachute) soldiers while Second World War was ravaging. In 1943 Student was almost complete author of "Operation Oak" (Unternehmen Eiche), the marvelous and spectacular raid made by a greatly trained Luftwaffe unit (landing with gliders and STOL aircraft on a hilltop) in order to take out Benito Mussolini, Italian dictator, from jail where he was.

środa, 26 stycznia 2011

Perfect strategy game Berserk Online

Hi there, I was little bit busy lately, but today I would like to present another very good game for everyone who like online strategy games or strategy game with cards, magic and fantasy creatures. Berserk Online is really great to play trading card game based on very popular Russian collectible card game. Players in Berserk Online can fight each other using their own deck of cards. Berserk Online is the only Online TCG which features RvR wars. Berserk Online can be defined as mix of classical trading card games and its unique board games elements which make the game more complicated. Players can improve starter decks by combining different cards from starter sets and additional booster packs. It features every months plenty various events and amazing tournaments that will allow players to acquire cool cards.

There are six sides of conflict in total in Berserk Online, so you are able to select side which represents your willing, personality or whatever. Let me present you every race and you will be able to make up your mind which side to pick. Remember – good strategy game, need good strategic mind!

While restoring their lost home, numerous forest creatures have obtained the skills of fast regeneration with great healing abilities. Forest monsters hate steppe creatures and try to beat their lands which are pretty obvious.

The Mountain host is frequently associated among the ignorant with brutal force and might. Mountain troops strike like an avalanche that sweeps everything off of its way – they are strong, vicious and lethal.

The Free Fighters of Laar are respectfully named the Neutrals among those who have to obey to the laws of their Realms. The Neutrals have roamed the lands of Laar for centuries, pursuing their own obscure goals.

The swamp army is the closest in spirit to the darkness, since the very heart of the Swamps – the bogs of Uorlog – have remained the nearest to the Dark side.

When the Cataclysm fell on the mythical universe of Laar, creatures of the Great Plains were helpless against the nature. Those who were living in remote parts learned to travel at a high speed, what allowed them to wander in search of food.

Right after the Cataclysm the scorched northern part of Laar fell beneath the Eternal Darkness. After this catastrophe many evil mobs from every corners of the world began to gather to the dark side.

That’s all, when it comes for short introduction of sides. If you are curious how game looks, don’t hesitate and watch gameplay video. But watch out – I have been taken just into the game because I watched one of the gameplay videos.

As a player I’m still looking for games where I can play without any problems, and available for free. Game is absolutely free to play and player can access every feature and join every battle completely without any additional cost. It’s great, because even if you won’t like this title, you are losing nothing. Feel free to try Berserk Online in case you are fan of collectible card games! Meanwhile, be seeing ya! To the next note! Sometimes online strategy games are turn based, sometimes RTS but I love them all.

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Check out Outer Galaxies

Today I would like to present, one of the most exciting and fresh strategy game I discovered lately. Outer Galaxies is a massively multiplayer online browser game and it's free to play free online strategy games, but some features are available for additional cash. As today, gamers can begin and develop own, powerful space Pilot.

The MMOG Open Beta Version presents the player with a vast game world composed of more than 200 solar systems with 4500 sectors divided into 5 galaxies – in-game world is pretty huge. We can compete against many of other space pilots and against NPC’s (Non Player Characters) with advanced Artificial Intelligence capabilities. Thousands of challenges and treasures can be won, ensuring that there is an exciting and unique course of the game for each gamer.

Outer Galaxies is one of the most exciting but still little bit less popular game, players can also influence their adventures by purchasing additional premium items. This way you can easily be more powerful than other players. Outer Galaxies has large in-game universe, very good resource gathering system and very exciting real-time combat. I don't like to much flying because there are no sense of direction and game isn't fully ready – developers need to add additional content and more item description. Outer Galaxies is full of bugs, but it's still very good, space online strategy game – similar to Eve Online.

Available factions

Centuri Empire
After many years of peace the people of “Omega Centauri” formed a monarchist and fully militant society that started to exploit other civilizations and discover other galaxies and planets.

Andromeda Federation
War raged until the rebel tribes defeated the Centauri Empire in the Andromeda Galaxy. The Andromeda Federation is very powerful force in the galaxy, they are more democratic than Centuri Empire – so war is everywhere in this free online strategy game.

Outer Galaxies features

More than 500 items to collect trade & construct

Like in other free online strategy games, you can participate in full real time spaceship fight

You can choose - Player vs. Player or Player vs. Environment each type of discovering this great strategy game is fantastic.

Blueprint based construction system with very advanced ship crafting Refinement & Recycling system

AI driven NPCs with different tactics & behaviors

2 playable factions and 1 NPC faction

5 in-game galaxies

More than 200 solar systems which is unique compared to other free online strategy games

Asteroid harvesting to gain 14 various types of rare materials

More than 25 useable spaceships

Alliances/Guild system with various roles and rights “Advanced galaxy map” with cool navigation system

More than 4500 fully explorable sectors with big planets, suns and awesome encounters, or more than 40 weapons with 12 various ammunition to choose from.

Custom starship fit-out with up to 8 weapon & equipment slots Avatar in-game chat system with friendlist

Full Gamer based market

Over 8 great premium ammunition types with special additional effects. Hundreds of dockable stations for players

Rank system with 30 reachable ranks

Full drag and drop GUI stuff like in other free online strategy games.

More than 60 default character-avatars to choose from

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The Continuum

Welcome. On my blog you will find all sorts of materials for games such as free online strategy games guides, reviews, videos, or the latest news. Currently web is full of all kind of free online strategy games, where player need to interact with the environment and with this website is possible to find only the best games, without wasting time for bad ones. Today I would like to show you very absorbing strategy game, named The Continuum. This interesting game combines turn-based battle gaming with bonus role-playing things like avatar development, and the collect skill of a tabletop miniatures game (like Warhammer Tabletop game, but in virtual way...). It takes place in the Crossworld a new reality created from the collapse of some formerly other worlds that became unhinged in the time continuum. Now let’s talk about specifics...

First of all player need to purchase units, with real money whether, separately or in starter packs (40), booster packs (15). After signing-up gamer gets one free booster pack. Yeah this once you, have purchased, your units you may start spending their “ability points” to make them better. This way you choose what skills units when you fight in battle. You should keep in mind that every choice becomes important, though you gain skills points as your forces level up. What else? Well, “Common” units owns only one skill point to spend, “Uncommon” units have two – which is just great – and “Rare” units, begin with three (awesome heh) and “Heroic” units have four (OH YEAH!!!)

Your individual units, make use of their powers then you have, a squad tactic you select based on this tactic, you may or may not gain an advantage to your actions, in that round of battle. After 3 rounds of conflict you return, to the map screen and may go about again.
Just see this video to know better The Continuum, to discover one of the best online strategy games!

(The Continuum trailer)

Now you are ready to form, your forces into squads within an army. You can do it very simply - click on a button or by taking units into the squad header. Once your army is ready you can discuss the game, in the lobby until you find some opponent to challenge, or are challenged by other gamer in game.
After challenging or being challenged by an enemy, you will select the point value and map for your struggle. Once your squads make contact, with another's army you enter a conflict screen. Here you get to make use of those marvelous powers that you bought in the set-up stage. Yeah and this is really awesome fun in this free online strategy game!

If you win you’ll take, large amount of experience points to each of their avatars. Even if you lose your characters, still gain experience and may grow in power just not quickly, because you’ll receive less experience.

Game is quite awesome but it looks, a bit like another online strategy games type similar to Poxnora. About this free online strategy games, I will try to write something, next time today I'm little bit tired. This day was very long and very weird that's why, I would like to relax several hours and go in some place. Yeah there is nothing better than riding bike, while its good weather isn't it?

Few words about Poxnora

Welcome. Today I would like to present free online strategy games – Poxnora! Do you know popular PoxNora: Battlefield of the Immortals? Well, I found this game several months ago and I'm really excited, because I found awesome mmog that is mix of a collectible card online strategy games, with a turn-based strategy game, in a fantasy universe!

Basically in Poxnora players, are building decks, officially called “the BattleGroups” which contain 30 runes in any combination of spells, relics, stuff and champions. You can purchase additional game cards – "runes" and build, own strategies. Each rune (or card) has its own special abilities, specification and rarity. There are 4 types of runes: common, uncommon, rare and most expensive ones - exotic. These exotic ones, can be really expensive for the example, one exotic rune for my Faction (Ironfist Stronghold) called “Euan Ironfist” is worth, around 30$. Every rune belongs to a particular side of conflict. Players get bonuses if their Battlegroups have at least 15 runes of a given battle conflict and a more massive bonus, if all 30 runes are from the same faction. To win you need to be the first, to destroy your enemy's Shrine.

Poxnora is one of free games, to play but gamers are able, to buy a premium subscription which costs $ 5 US/month.
If you enjoy PoxNora you can expand the game, by buying more Rune Packs that will reward you with accessibility to more Champions, Spells, Relics and Equipment free online strategy games.

Premium Account holders receive, an ever growing number of exclusive benefits, including but not limited to those written below.
- No anti-idle disconnect on game servers
- All Avatars receive a 20% boost to experience
- A monthly pack allowance (see below for more information)
- Exclusive access to all, current and future premium-only campaigns
- Ability to begin adventure, with your own guild or receive leadership of an existing guild
- Unique avatar border, for community interaction
- Exclusive access to premium-only recipes in the Rune Crafter
- Increased number of concurrent trades in the Rune Trader
- Exclusive access, to premium-only player rewards
- Priority access, to help staff
- Exclusive access to tournaments, events, and store sales (when available)
- A free Warbanner rune, for your first subscription
Like in other free online strategy games every player's Battlegroup is shuffled, and gamers reveal 2 runes per turn (except the first turn, when 4 are revealed and the other gamers first turn in which, 5 runes are revealed).

The game is multiplayer online games but to be able, to upgrade runes, create your own custom BattleGroups or to trade, for other runes, it is necessary to purchase your personal runes.

For 2.99 $ US buys a pack of 10 randomized runes, and for 29.9 $ buys a pack of 100 in pack box runes. Every booster pack has a set number of rarity slots free online strategy games.

(Poxnora gameplay)

In PoxNora, player can choose among 8 various factions like in other online strategy games.

Factions Themes

Forsaken Wastes Resurrection and Death
Forglar Swamp Water and Poison
K'thir Forest Elves, Wood, Plants
Sundered Lands Acid, Dragons, Sand
Ironfist Stronghold Weapons, Constructs, Dwarves
The Underdepths Fire and Demons
Savage Tundra Wind and Ice
Shattered Peaks Lightning, Earth, Sonic

See you again!

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Welcome on blog about Strategy Games!

Welcome! This is my first post on blog, where I want to talk about all kind of interesting free online strategy games. There are many of them because it's very large group of products – from games crated for kids, to massively multiplayer online role playing games, from racing to puzzle, from mathematics to flying. Everyone can find something interesting, high quality, unique, funny, brilliant and exciting also – purchasing or without any cost. Options are many and if you need to free your mind, you can do it in great games designed for younger players. This genre of games was always one of the most interesting and great types of games I know. From set in World War 2 Panzer General to fantasy role playing strategy game like Heroes of Might and Magic. From real time strategy like Starcraft to turn based games like...ok Heroes of the Might and Magic.

There are several types of strategy games, like:
Wargames - simulations of military battles, big campaigns or war. Best part is to consider situations that are analogous to the situations faced by leaders like Napoleon, Hannibal or other leader. My favorite type of free online strategy games is to play as military leader during World War II, playing as German general, soviet, or British is great feeling :)

Strategy video games are categorized based on whether they offer the continuous gameplay of real-time free online strategy games (RTS), or the discrete phases of turn-based strategy (TBS). Often the computer is expected to emulate a strategically thinking "side" similar to that of a human player, or emulate the "instinctive" actions of individual units that would be too tedious for a player to administer (such as for a non-combat unit like peasant to run away, as opposed to standing still until otherwise ordered by the player); hence there is an emphasis on artificial intelligence like in other online strategy games.

TBS – Turn Based Strategy Game - Where we take turns when playing. This is distinguished from realtime online strategy games where all players play simultaneously. I really love this kind of games, because I can easily relax playing without any pressure or stuff like that. This way I can really easy beat almost every opponent in game, using my brain only – in RTS you need agility and reflex but in TBS games you only need your knowledge, intelligence and supreme tactics.

RTS – Real Time Strategy - Turn-based tactical gameplay is characterized by the expectation of players to complete their tasks using just the combat forces provided to them, and usually by the provision of a realistic representation of tactics & camp; operations. In an RTS, we position and maneuver our units and structures under our control to secure areas of the map and/or eliminate opponents assets. In a typical Real Time Strategy it is possible to create additional units and structures during the course of a game.

PS, did you know that the most frequently played free online strategy games of all time are.... Chess??!